Ray’s Walk on the Wild Side

A new Shiver factual series, Wilderness Walks with Ray Mears follows bushcraft expert Ray Mears as he journeys through some of Britain’s most spectacular and diverse landscapes.

“I have explored some of the wildest places on earth – but my favourite is still Britain.” – Ray Mears

In Wilderness Walks, Ray takes viewers on a trail of discovery along rivers, through forests and across mountains as he searches for some of our greatest natural treasures. Ray travels from dawn to dusk to explore each unique habitat and the incredible wildlife that exists there.

In each episode, Ray visits a different place, each with its own character.

In episode one, Ray returns to one of his favourite and wildest places in Britain, Dartmoor, travelling across granite peaks and mysterious oak forests, searching for the country’s largest ground beetle and the elusive wood warbler. He also visits High Willhays, the highest point in the National Park, and explains its rugged appeal. He says: “Today the view is spectacular. I love coming here – there’s a tremendous sense of expansiveness – there’s always a wind and it’s challenging – I like that.”

Wilderness Walks with Ray Mears airs Tuesday at 7.30pm on ITV from 9th September.