Ade in Adland

In this brand new two-part Shiver series, Adrian Edmondson journeys through the ‘adland’ archives, discovering how TV ads have reflected the ways Britain has changed over the past 60 years.

The adverts on telly, beamed into our living rooms for decades are total and utter proof of our changing habits and social attitudes.

Since the first television commercial hit screens in 1955, adverts have held up a mirror to the world we live in. They reflect how we work, rest and play and illustrate just how Britain is changing, whether it’s what we do in our spare time; the role of women; the break up of the traditional family unit; or what we eat, drink and wear.

Our dreams, our fears and our aspirations are all to be found in these mini masterpieces.

The first episode of Ade in Adland journeys through the advertising archives to explore the era defining adverts that chart British people’s evolving relationship with food and drink. From tinned mince to gourmet ready meals, cheap plonk to exotic cocktails, British tastes have changed hugely over the last 60 years. These adverts reveal an explosion of choice as our palettes have become ever more sophisticated.

And episode two explores how our households have changed over the past 60 years. Whether it’s throwing a party or cleaning the loo, nattering on the phone or fumbling with flat-packs, people’s homes and the way they live has changed radically over the decades.

Ade in Adland first airs on ITV, Tuesday 3rd September at 8pm and episode two Tuesday 10th September, 8pm.