Britain’s Darkest Taboos 2014

Britain’s Darkest Taboos is the, shocking, true-life crime series that tells the story of some of the most sickening acts of familial crime imaginable.

Each episode reveals the timeline of events with accurate reconstructions, home footage, family photos, archive news and exclusive access to previously unseen police footage. With expert analysis from Forensic Psychologist Dr Keri Nixon and Psychologist Emma Kenny, Britain’s Darkest Taboos shows how the acts of one individual can send shockwaves through the lives of those closest to them.

No subject is off limits, from child murder to rape, Britain’s Darkest Taboos is every family’s worst nightmares, relived and retold firsthand by the family and friends at the heart of events, as well as Police officers involved in the case.

Featuring the horrific murder of 12 year old Tia Sharp, killed by her step-Grandfather Stuart Hazell in August 2012 – We hear from Tia’s mum Natalie and her Grandmother (& Hazell’s partner, Christine).

Plus, the murders of three generations of the same family. Revealing the tragic story Kim, Kayleigh and Kimberley Buckley who were killed by Carl Mills in September 2012 in Cwmbran, South Wales.

As well as the tale of Killer cougar Michelle Mills who stabbed her toyboy boyfriend Eddie Miller to death in the village of Scalford on Bonfire night 2012.

Britain’s Darkest Taboos is produced by Shiver for the Crime and Investigation Network and airs every Wednesday for eight weeks, from 16th March at 9pm.