Do Look Down…

This unique series investigates amazing historic sites from above, showing Britain’s stunning landscapes through fantastic aerial views and revealing new insights into our nation’s story.

“Looking down from above gives a completely different perspective on these hauntingly beautiful sites. And it’s these breath-taking pictures which will reveal Britain’s Secrets From the Sky.” Bettany Hughes

Britain’s most historic landmarks and glorious landscapes are explored from a bird’s eye view in Secret From The Sky.

Using an octocopter, a remote controlled helicopter carrying a camera, historian Bettany Hughes and aerial archaeologist Ben Robinson look down on sites of great historical interest to gain a fresh perspective and uncover the secrets of our past.

Britain’s landscape is dotted with historical monuments including Tintagel Castle, Stonehenge, Maiden Castle, Sutton Hoo, The Antonine Wall and Old Sarum.

By looking down on these places from above, the clues on the ground can be linked together to uncover the full story locked in the landscape.