Gibraltar: Back for Winter Sun

The popular ob-doc series returns, following the lives of Gibraltarians, ex-pats and Gibraltar itself, one of the world’s smallest overseas territories.

Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun returns to this uniquely British outcrop on the southern tip of the Mediterranean, a place where the sun always shines, Bobbies still walk the beat and every one adores the Queen.

This second series follows locals as they work, live and play in a remarkable British territory. We follow the police, undercover customs and the man in charge of the monkeys! There are adventures inside the tunnels of the Rock, cable car maintenance tasks at the top of it and challenging dives below.

The series also shows the summer’s biggest sporting and music events, plus a certain newsworthy event as it happened that gives a unique insight into the dispute with Spain that made headlines around the world. Measuring just two and a half square miles, Gibraltar is tiny, but this British gem is bursting with unique characters and fascinating stories.

As with last series, the show features an eclectic mix of residents at work and play, capturing life in a truly unique colony.

Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun is new and exclusive to Channel 5, produced by Shiver. Begins Tuesday 7th January at 8pm and runs for six weeks.