Gok’s Lunchbox

We’ve all seen our fair share of TV cookery competitions but this one’s a little bit different. No studio, no cooking experts – we’re taking the competition into the contestants’ very own kitchens.

Gok delivers three identical lunch boxes to the doorsteps of three budding home cooks, with the challenge to out-cook each other using the mystery ingredients inside. They’ve then got an hour to make a winning dish.

Gok will be popping in and out of their kitchens to see what they’re getting up to and offering helpful hints and tips.

When the cooking time is up the cooks bring their dishes to judging HQ. However unbeknown to the cooks, all three of the dishes will then be trialled and critiqued by their loved ones who nominated them to decide who will win the £250 cash prize.

This is a show which celebrates what families do every day – whip up delicious meals from whatever ingredients they have to hand.

Who will think outside Gok’s Lunchbox? Find out weekdays from Monday 28th March at 12.30pm on ITV