It’s Goodbye Granadaland

Peter Kay stands with the iconic Granada sign, now removed from the Quay Street building.

ITV says goodbye to a true television icon with the help of Peter Kay this weekend as Goodbye Grandaland is broadcast on ITV on Saturday 15th June at 8.30pm.

Granada Studios has dominated the Manchester skyline for the past 57 years – a beacon to the very best in British television. It was the first television complex to be built in the UK and home to some of the greatest television programmes of all time.

Pop stars, movie stars, sporting heroes and royalty have all passed through Granada’s gates over the decades and this landmark show brings some of the studios’ most momentous and iconic stories to life.

From historic performances by the great Sir Laurence Olivier to the gritty reality of The Jeremy Kyle Show, the studios have been part of the fabric of British life for almost 60 years.

But now it’s time to switch off the lights with Granada’s biggest fan, Peter Kay, as he goes behind-the-scenes at the iconic Granada building on Manchester’s Quay Street.

For me Granada television had always felt like the factory in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Nobody really knows what goes on inside and nor should they as that’s the magic, but tonight we finally shine daylight upon the magic of Granada one last time and bid farewell to a magnificent era.” Peter Kay

Goodbye Granadland is a co-production between ITV Studios entertainment team and Shiver. It was produced by Vicky Thomas & executive produced by Sumi Connock and Shiver’s Creative Director, Mark Robinson.