King Fishers Are Go!

Coming to a TV near you from Monday 8 July: King Fishers.

You don’t have to be into fishing to enjoy Shiver’s major new series for National Geographic, so cancel the BBQ and join us on an adventure around some of the most spectacular and awesome places on the planet.

In Shiver’s brand new series, each adrenaline-filled episode pits three highly skilled anglers against one another in three separate fishing expeditions around the world.  Challenging each other in their home waters, the fishermen bring plenty of rivalry along with bonding, banter and big catches during spectacular global treks, resulting in gripping – and sometimes hilarious – encounters.

This competition isn’t just about who catches the most and who catches the biggest. It’s also about who hosts the utlimate fishing trip, and the one who does wins the King Fishers trophy.

Whether it was the piranha-infested waters of the Amazon jungle; the crocodile-stalked rivers of Botswana; or the frozen wilderness of the Arctic Circle, our intrepid Shiver sea dogs were there.

They were chased by rampaging elephants, attacked by swarms of mosquitos and fought off frostbite – but they were tough enough for the job.

Led by Series Producer Simon Bisset, our Shiver teams followed the camaraderie, competition and capers as anglers from around the world went head-to-head in the ultimate fishing contest.

National Geographic Channel, Monday 8 July, 8pm. (10-part worldwide series)