Making a Meal of it…

Come Dine With Me is BACK, only this time there’s double the trouble.

Come Dine with Me takes on a brand new set up for a freshly commissioned 30 hour-long episode series.

Three COUPLES compete daily for the chance to win £1000. Each couple must prepare and host a dinner party together; then score together the efforts of rival hosts.

Not only are culinary skills being judged, but relationships also find themselves under the spotlight.

Will the heat of the kitchen prove too much for some?

Couples Come Dine With Me features pairs who are romantically involved. There will be the usual fun, frolics and feuds of the competing dinner party guests – not to mention the tension between the couples themselves.

Each couple will cook for the other two pairs, rate each other’s culinary skills and give their own views on one another’s relationships. So adding a distinctive change to the successful long-running series.

Channel 4 Commissioning Editor for Daytime David Sayer says: “This new series will have everything viewers love about Come Dine with Me plus an exciting new twist which will see whether couples’ can stand the pressure of throwing a dinner party for demanding guests and with a cash prize at stake.”

Couples Come Dine With Me, Weekdays at 5pm on Channel 4 (UK) from Monday 7th July, 2014.