Michael Apted’s Landmark Documentary Series Returns

Michael Apted’s landmark documentary series that has tracked a group of Briton’s from the age of seven returns with our participants hitting 63.

The original 7 Up was broadcast in 1964 as a one-off World in Action Special featuring children who were selected from different backgrounds and social spheres to talk about their hopes and dreams for the future.
Inspired by World in Action founder editor Tim Hewat’s passionate interest in both the Jesuit saying: “Give me the child until he is seven and I will show you the
man,” and the rigid class system of 1960s Britain, 7 Up set out to discover whether or not the children’s lives were pre-determined by their background.

The result was ground-breaking television and the follow-up films have won an array of awards for ITV.

Over the past six decades, the series has documented the group as they have become adults and entered middle-age, dealing with everything life has thrown
at them in between.

Now the series is back to discover what has happened to the group over the last seven years.