Money, Money, Martin…

The Martin Lewis Money Show returns for a new series just in time to help with New Year’s resolutions to cut costs and save cash.

Fighting to get the most from your money – ITV’s financial guru Martin Lewis helps those who want to save by delivering a weekly masterclass with tips and advice, while reporter Saira Khan uses his guidance to see how she can manage her money.

In the first episode, the duo tackle post-Christmas money blues with practical tips on how to deal with debt, cut monthly outgoings and stay in the black for good.


The series goes on to give the inside track on energy, with a comprehensive guide to finding the best rate for you and your family. Martin provides no-nonsense analysis of the marketplace and helps workers at the Weetabix factory in Kettering switch friends and relatives to the best tariff for them.

And Martin and Saira are saving money on planes, automobiles – and home insurance. Martin tells shoppers in Southampton how they might be able to claim compensation for flight delays and takes to the streets in a motorhome to explain ways to get the best deals on car and home insurance. The prudent pair also give the latest tips on cutting costs without changing your lifestyle.

There’s also much, much more…

The Martin Lewis Money Show airs on ITV every Friday from 3rd January at 8pm.