My Big Fat Asian Wedding

Shiver enters the exploding world of lavish, blinged up British Asian weddings as My Big Fat Asian Wedding airs on Channel 4.

“I do brown weddings!” declares Asian wedding planner Raj Somaiya. He’s on a mission to establish his family run company as the go to place for the UK’s most bling filled lavish marriages.

Raj is one of Britain’s busiest and most exuberant Asian wedding planners and across the summer season he and his team go to extraordinary lengths to deliver on his clients’ exacting demands. With six figure budgets, guest lists regularly running in to the three four hundreds and brides and grooms asking for increasingly outlandish events in the quest to go one better than their contemporaries.

They’ll turn the banking district of London into an Ibiza inspired rave, Raj will lead an Asian invasion into Blenheim Palace and in Leeds there’s a wedding that could be straight out of a Bollywood blockbuster.

As well as the eye-popping spectacle of Britain’s Asian weddings, the documentary will shed new light on Britain’s diverse Asian diaspora blowing away the stereotypes and generalisations of the past as we follow Raj and his team’s attempts to create the perfect day for the young couples who are getting married.

My Big Fat Asian Wedding airs on Channel 4 at 10pm, Tuesday 14th April 2015.