Myleene Klass: Single Mum on Benefits

In this new documentary for ITV, Myleene Klass investigates the truth about single mums who receive benefits and asks whether it really is a life of Riley, or a life on the breadline.

Myleene, who is never far from the public eye as a TV presenter and performer, considers being one of Britain’s two million single parents to be her most important job. Raising her two girls Ava and Hero alone was never her plan, and she struggles with a stigma she feels is still attached to her single mother status.

In this programme, she hopes to uncover why single mums feel like they get such a hard time. She says: “When I read the headlines about single mums on benefits, living the high life, refusing to work, it makes me, like everyone else, furious. These stories do nothing to help the image of single parents everywhere, leaving [us] all feeling tarred with the same brush. So I want to find out the truth behind the headlines and meet the mums that some say are giving us all a bad name.”

She meets a teenage mother and compares notes with a group of single dads. She interviews an older mum who chose to have her children alone, and has an emotional meeting with a single father who had no choice after tragically losing his wife.