We interrupt this programme…

Shiver is really proud to have produced what is an emotive and moving look at the news stories, so big in scale, that they stopped Britain with those immortal words “We interrupt this programme…” Truly our area of specialism with innovative archive programmes at our core, this is an original idea conceived by Shiver’s archive producer, Andy Beckett.

Newsflash – Stories That Stopped The World reveals what happened behind-the-scenes on some of the most momentous breaking news events in our lifetime – as told by those caught up in the real-life drama, those in the newsrooms and those responsible for delivering these newsflashes into millions of people’s homes.

Today the world has 24-hour news channels and headlines constantly breaking on the internet – but this is the story of newsflashes remembered by millions because they interrupted the TV schedules. Television was always intended to deliver drama and surprise, but this documentary reveals how the newsflash became the most dramatic and unexpected broadcast of them all.

Contributors include Alastair Stewart, John Suchet, Mary Nightingale and Martyn Lewis, who talk about the parts they played in delivering news of these life-changing moments – such as the devastating events which took place in Lockerbie in 1988, the announcement of the start of Operation Desert Storm in the Gulf in 1991, and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997.

The documentary also hears from former hostage Sim Harris, who was caught up in the drama being broadcast live into millions of viewers’ homes during the siege at the Iranian Embassy in London, as well as looking back at the day in 1963 when news anchor Walter Cronkite reported the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, in a newsflash that would send the United States of America into national mourning.

Newsflash – Stories That Stopped The World airs Wednedsay, 6th Nov. at 22.35 on ITV. Produced and directed by Kerry Allison.