Shiver Goes To Northumberland

(c) ITV/Tiger AspectRobson Green

Actor Robson Green will be back on home turf in a new, eight part, prime-time series ordered from Shiver by ITV.

Robson Green’s Northumberland follows on from Shiver’s previous prime-time series, The Lakes and The Dales, as well as the South of France-based ex-pat series Little England.

For some Northumberland may be a faraway, even hidden jewel in the crown of British tourism, with its dramatic coastline and cliffs and many of the most stunning castles in Britain.

But Robson Green, who was born in Northumberland, knows the area well and will be meeting some of the people who make this part of Britain so special – from lobster fishermen to lifeboatmen and the keepers of its many castles.

For Robson it will also be a nostalgic journey around a part of the world that means a great deal to him as he reconnects with his Northumberland roots and digs deeper into its history to discover stories that he did not even know himself.

From the Cheviot Hills to Hadrian’s Wall to Holy Island this is a part of Britain which is particularly steeped in history – and, as well as meeting the people who live there, Robson will find out just how that long history has impacted on the present in Northumberland.