Piers Returns, Warts ‘n’ All…

Piers is back on ITV peak time with Shiver’s revealing and compelling ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’ – the candid studio interview show where journalist Piers Morgan pushes and probes his famous interviewees, prompting often incredible and powerful moments.

The first of this series doesn’t disappoint, Julie Goodyear talks to Piers in an extraordinary interview; the Coronation Street legend opens up about her four marriages, a stint in a psychiatric hospital and her ill-fated return to the Street in 2004.  Julie talks candidly to Piers about her private life, which has included several relationships with women. Julie’s fourth husband, Scott, is twenty seven years her junior, and she reveals frankly how they’re not having an easy relationship.

Speaking before the interview, Julie said Piers could ask her anything.

Talking about her second husband, who left her just an hour after the wedding, Julie said her main worry was for her son. She said: “I was more concerned about Gary. Because the actual reason I married him was because my son was saving up for a dad, and Tony seemed the ideal. It was important to me that Gary had the right dad.

“He passed away, God rest his soul. I felt sad, I will not allow bitterness in my life, it’s a wasted emotion.”

She talks about landing her dream role in Coronation Street. She says: “I thought it might be nice to be asked for an autograph. So I used to take my Bet gear off and walk down Deansgate and wait, thinking, ‘Somebody will ask me.’ Nothing. A week went by, another week went by. Everybody else gets asked for autographs. And then suddenly, he was there. And I got a pen ready and do you know what he said? ’30 bob for a quickie.’”

Talking about leaving The Street, she tells Piers: “I had done 25 years. Everybody, when I joined, because they were much, much older than me at the time, I’d watched them finish work and go straight into a nursing home, and I didn’t want to do that. I was more concerned that I could have some of my own life…I just wanted to do my own shopping.”