Plan it, Build It, Air it…

Shiver’s new exciting property programme hits BBC daytime from September. ‘Plan it, Build it’ follows homeowners up and down Britain as they take on those life changing projects and we see their journeys first hand.

Which of us hasn’t longed for a little more living space? An extra bedroom, a big open-plan kitchen, a luxury en-suite bathroom… But how difficult is it to add an extension?

We all know it takes money, determination, and a well thought-out master plan. But there’s one more crucial thing – before we can turn our domestic dreams into reality, we need to get permission from the Planners.

So what innovative and interesting ideas are British homeowners coming up with to increase their living space? How much are they putting aside to pay for their extensions, and how often are planning applications refused by the planners? And crucially, how much can we add to the value of our homes by adding extra floorspace?

This series follows homeowners across the country as they Plan it, Build it.

Planners are being inundated with applications from families desperate to increase the sizes of their homes. The Arnolds live in East Dulwich and have a small son, with another baby on the way as well. They desperately want planning permission to open up their kitchen and turn their home into the perfect family friendly living space. However this involves filling in their side return – something that might adversely affect their neighbours’ outlook. They have a budget of 60 thousand pounds – how much extra space will that buy them?

It is not just families with new babies who need more space. More and more young adults are financially unable to fly the nest and need extra room in their parents’ homes. Ed White wants to create a suite for daughter Hannah. Ed’s got an impressive model railway, which runs like clockwork – but when it comes to planning approval, everything is coming off the rails.

Plan It, Build It is produced by Shiver and airs daily on BBC One from Monday 2nd September at 11.45am.