Real Stories with Ranvir

Shiver produces Real Stories With Ranvir Singh for ITV, on screen during summer 2015.

The new show is a 6 x 30’ current affairs series which tells the incredible stories of the ordinary people involved in some of the most extraordinary events to have hit UK headlines.

Anchored by broadcaster and journalist Ranvir Singh, together with reporter Michael Underwood, Real Stories With Ranvir Singh tells life-changing stories, explores issues and challenges perceptions through a variety of items featuring astonishing video footage and compelling interviews with people who amaze, inspire or anger us. It will air on ITV this summer.

Michael Jermey, ITV’s Director of News and Current Affairs said, “This is a series that will add to the rich range of ITV’s current affairs output”.

Mike Blair, executive producer, Shiver said: “Ranvir brings all the warmth and empathy gained from her decade of front-line journalism experience to Real Stories With Ranvir Singh. It’s a current affairs series with people at its heart, taking a in-depth look behind the headlines at the stories and issues that viewers really care about.”

Among the contributors whose stories feature in the series are:

>> A father-of-two who was saved from being crushed to death under a bus by a crowd of onlookers who rushed to help.

>> A schoolgirl whose rare kidney disease falls through a treatment loophole, meaning she is denied life-saving treatment by the NHS.

​>> A 45-year-old mother who is ​awaiting ​a pioneering medical first – the ​UK’s first double hand transplant.

>> One of the earliest child heart transplant patients, who goes on a personal and emotional journey to meet the mother of his donor.

>> Two former teachers who quit their jobs, sold their house, took their two daughters out of school and now travel Britain on a voyage of discovery.

>> A 12-year-old boy with autism who finds escape from his closed-in world by bonding with horses.

>> The parent of a 7/7 bombing victim, whose major heart operation means he is unable to attend tenth anniversary commemorations in London, and who is now forced to reflect on his own mortality.

>> A disabled woman whose remarkable dog helps her to open doors, change the bed and even empty the washing machine.

>> A man suffering from dementia at the age of 39 who can no longer speak, eat unaided or get himself dressed – and the struggle his parents face coping with his situation.

Real Stories With Ranvir Singh airs Thursdays at 7.30pm until September and is series produced by Jemma Martinez, executive produced by Mike Blair for Shiver.