Rocking All Over Again

Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun is back on Channel 5 for a third series!

An observational documentary series produced on and about one of the world’s smallest overseas territories, affectionately dubbed ‘The Rock’.

With the blessing of Gibraltar House and the full support of the Gibraltarians and expats, the series once again weaves a fantastically original narrative about a beautiful, sun-drenched rocky outpost that is a fascinating microcosm of life on mainland Britain.

Two miles long and only one mile wide, Gibraltar is a wedge-shaped lump of limestone at the bottom of Spain and crammed inside are 27,000 larger than life Brits. Free roaming apes contrast with the red phone boxes and traditional British Bobbies – Gibraltar is quite simply Britain in the sun.

This third series is more action-packed than ever and will show the marine police on highspeed chases, the fire brigade fighting huge blazes and the ambulance teams saving lives. It follows the Miss Gibraltar pageant and the Mr Gibraltar Bodybuilder competition as well as keeping up with the incredible journey of Gibraltar’s national football team. Gibraltar might be small but there is much to discover about this beautiful British outpost. This third series is bigger and better than ever and will show what a momentous summer it has been for the inhabitants of Gibraltar. The series also includes dramatic raids and chases, all told by fascinating characters.

The opening episode kicks off with the most glamorous night of the social calendar – the Miss Gibraltar competition. Eight contestants have gone through months of nerves and preparations in the hope of winning the coveted title. Before the winner is crowned the girls are put through their paces in three rounds, modelling swimwear and evening wear before talking about their chosen charities.

The first show also sees the return of Dr Eric Shaw, the rockʼs resident monkey man and head of bees. Eric and his team are called out to the Gibraltar Museum where a huge swarm in the roof has brought renovation works to a halt. As Eric starts work, he discovers a nest of thousands of angry bees. Eric has a long and painful task removing them before he tries to find a new home for them up on the rock.

And, in Gibraltar’s only prison, HMP Windmill Hill, prisoner Dylan Alvez offers a unique insight into his life. Afer spending almost five months inside, Dylan has his parole hearing coming up and is desperate to get out and see his four children. He is understandably nervous when the big day arrives. Once the hearing is over, all Dylan can do is wait. His future is in the hands of Gibraltar’s parole board.

Gibraltar: Britain In The Sun is produced by Shiver and airs from Wednesday 5th November at 8pm on Channel 5.