Shiver Shakes Its Booty

The flashmob dance medley ending will reveal what the nation's favourite moment is.

The Nation’s Favourite Dance Moment is a 90-minute prime time ITV special counting down the greatest moments in dance history – as voted for by the viewers. So which dance moment will be crowned the nation’s favourite? Find out on ITV, Saturday 22nd June, 8.15pm.

The programme covers vogueing, tap dancing, ice-skating, ballroom dancing, Gangnam Styling and even some pelvic thrusting as is counts down the twenty most iconic dance moments that have captured the hearts of the nation. From booty popping to hair flipping, Riverdance to Flashdance, Hammer Time to Timewarp, the dancers and choreographers who helped create the magic, reveal what it takes for a dance move to enter the national consciousness.

A panel of dance experts including Dancing on Ice judges Ashley Roberts and Jason Gardiner, choreographers Arlene Phillips and Brian Friedman, Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman and Diversity’s Ashley Banjo, compiled a definitive list of their favourite dance moments, for ITV viewers to vote on.

Featuring interviews with the stars, dancers and choreographers who created these iconic moves, this programme tells the stories behind twenty dance masterpieces – from films like Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Singin’ In The Rain, to pop classics like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Madonna’s Vogue and Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

The show hears from music and dance icons including Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newton-John, Torvill & Dean, M.C.Hammer, Fatboy Slim, Louis Smith, George Sampson, Ann Widdecombe and many more.

Choreographer Arlene Phillips said: “I think most of these dances live in people’s memories – who hasn’t tried to walk like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever? I don’t think there’s anyone.”

Diversity’s Ashley Banjo said: “Without a shadow of a doubt, the moonwalk was the first thing in my top dance moments. Seriously, hands down, that guy is never gonna be matched. He is unbelievable.“

The countdown includes many other floor fillers and toe tapping tunes that have all stood the test of time. And, In The Nation’s Favourite Dance Moment’s finale, a flash mob in a busy railway station performs a countdown of the twenty dance routines – a fitting tribute to the popularity of all of these iconic dance moments.

The Nation’s Favourite Dance Moments was produced by Stuart Ramsay, executive produced by Andrew Nicholson and is a Shiver production, exclusive to ITV. Saturday, 22nd June at 8.15pm.