Shiver’s Sunday Takeover!

Sunday mornings just got all Shivery! Two hours of live Sunday morning entertainment, review and chat in the form of Sunday Scoop and Sunday Side Up are now on a screen near you. An innovative double-header show concept brings two Sunday morning live shows from the same great Shiver team.

STEPHEN MULHERN, KAYE ADAMS, NADIA SAWALHA and PETER ANDRE are presenting our brand new live entertainment shows for Sunday mornings on ITV.

TV presenter and all round entertainer, Stephen Mulhern,  presents Sunday Side Up – a live fun-filled hour of entertainment every Sunday morning.   Stephen is is joined by celebrity guests and features showbiz chat, games and surprises as he keeps the weekend spirit alive with a fully interactive show for the whole family.

TV Presenter and author, Nadia Sawalha and journalist and presenter Kaye Adams then the baton (or is that croissant?) to take over ITV live with Sunday Scoop – a topical mix of the week’s news with great food and debate thrown in for good measure.  The two female co-hosts are joined by a third, male host every week with TV Presenter, Peter Andre, joining them for five of the shows – lucky us!

The trio and will be doing just what we’re all doing at home on a Sunday morning; devouring the papers while guests and friends pop in for a cuppa and a chat. They’ll be swapping gossip, catching up on social media and preparing the best meal of the week – Sunday lunch!

Stephen says: I am thrilled to be hosting ITV’s Sunday Side Up!  Can’t wait to get started and spend Sunday mornings live on air with some very special guests and some genius entertainment ideas that will amaze, excite and make you laugh out loud! I love the fact the show is live so we can react to anything that’s happening at any time, with our viewers being part of it from start to finish!”

Nadia says: “ I cannot believe my luck that every Sunday I will be presenting a show alongside my best friend Kaye Adams that will essentially mirror what will be going on in homes across country. Great gossip and guests and to top it all I get to cook lovely food throughout the show that I will try really hard not to eat all myself! See you on Sunday…”

Kaye says:”This is an amazing opportunity to be part of the kind of programme that I would be watching on a Sunday morning anyway! I can’t think of better company to be in than like minded viewers and my dear friend , Nadia Sawalha. I also look forward to enjoying some fabulous food because, thankfully, Nadia will be cooking and not me !”

Peter says: “It is great to be involved in a show that is based on news and current affairs but that is also for all the family. It will be so much fun and the absolute perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. I also love the fact that it is live as you just never know what will happen and that will be an exciting new challenge for me.”

Sunday Scoop is presented by Stephen Mulhern and airs Sunday mornings from 10.30am and Sunday Scoop with Nadia, Kaye, Peter and friends begins at 11.30am.  Both on ITV and both produced by Shiver (exec. producer Clare Ely).