Ade in Britain


Ade in Britain sees actor and comedian Adrian Edmondson travel the country sharing his own personal observations, wit and warmth with the British public as he searches out the food and traditions that are uniquely British.

Across two ITV series, totalling 50 hours of television, Ade has travelled the length and breadth of Britain.

In each episode he’s in a different region meeting the people at the heart of the community responsible for the food, drink and rich heritage that make each area so distinct.

Ade tries his hand at fly-fishing, cider making, basket weaving, glassblowing, mushroom foraging,  haggis hurling, cheese making, tea tasting and riddle making.  And at the end of each show he cooks up a traditional dish from the back of his caravan…

The first series was produced by Debra Prinselaar and the second series by Simon Paintin.  Sally Evans has executive produced both series for Shiver and ITV.

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