This Chris Malone documentary for ITV marked 50 years since the last two men to be hanged in Britain were executed.


Re-telling the stories of those put to death by the state, the final executions, on August 13, 1964, were of Peter Allen and Gwynne Evans, hanged simultaneously in Liverpool and Manchester.


From the innocent Timothy Evans to the guilty Ruth Ellis, who killed in a crime of passion, Executed heard from the relatives who survived them and from those who witnessed the final days of capital punishment.


Visiting prisons where death sentences were carried out up to its abolition – and explaining that after being sentenced to death prisoners lived for only three more weeks before being taken to the gallows – Executed also took a close look at how the condemned would have spent their final days.


The documentary also featured Liam Holden, the last man to be sentenced to death in the UK, who returned to the condemned cell where he spent six weeks awaiting execution in 1973, until his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment and his conviction later quashed.


Together these stories provided a vivid insight into the executions carried out in living memory in the UK – cases that would shock the nation and help bring about the end of capital punishment.

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