In Fierce, wildlife expert Steve Backshall seeks out the world’s most fierce animals as he heads off on six epic adventures to Guyana, Mexico, Namibia, Indonesia, Australia and South Africa.

Along the way he goes in search of Australia’s largest venomous snake, the Coastal Taipan; in Guyana he gets perilously close to the largest carnivorous reptile in South America, the giant Black Caiman, and attempts to track down the endangered Giant River Otter.

In South Africa he takes his life in his hands venturing close to the most dangerous land animal on the whole continent, the hippopotamus; in Mexico he finds a two metre long neotropical rattlesnake; and in Namibia he tracks two cheetahs on the hunt and helps tag a martial eagle.

As well as going eye-to-eye with American Crocodiles, swimming amongst Bull Sharks and narrowly escaping the jaws of the extraordinary Komodo Dragon, Steve also meets the people living cheek by jowl with these dangerous predators and those who have miraculously survived being attacked by them.

As Steve discovers, the beauty of the locations he visits belies the ‘kill or be killed’ reality of the environment for its wild inhabitants, who have developed fascinating and fierce physical adaptations and behaviours to survive in them.

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