Katie Price’s Pony Club

Katie Price’s Pony Club follows Katie as she creates a pony club team like no other with her eight-year-old daughter, Princess, ten-year-old son, Junior, and four of their closest young friends.

Each episode of this brand new fly-on-the-stable-wall series will see the novice riders tackle a different form of riding, from drag hunting to show jumping, reining and dressage. They will learn their horse riding skills from the ground up, with the series climaxing as they compete as a team in a high society game of polo.

Giving viewers a peek into the extraordinary world of one of the country’s most popular personalities, the show features great characters and genuine jeopardy. “Expect a lot of pink,” admits Katie. “a lot of noise and a fair few feathers ruffled along the way!”

Saddle up with Katie for this must-see TV event, exclusive to TLC.

TLC is available on Sky 125, Virgin 167 and BT TV 323

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