May The Best House Win


May The Best House Win is the Rose D’Or nominated daytime ITV series that sees the owners of some of Britain’s most interesting and unusual homes compete against each other in a bid to win a cash prize.

In each episode four proud homeowners open their doors to each other and let them cast a critical gaze on their property masterpiece. It’s the ultimate Open House experience…and absolutely nothing is off limits.

So far, we’ve peaked behind the curtains in over 600 homes, including a tour around Gatesland (the Elvis-themed home owned by a gate-manufacturer in Wolverhampton)….visited a Lincoln man whose house and garden is packed full of garden gnomes…a Leicester sci-fan who turned his home into the Starship Enterprise…yes, we’ve even had a chap living in a cow barn (AND he won).

Shiver has now produced six series of May The Best House Win, including May The Best House Win – Viva L’Espana and Vive La France which called in at the homes of proud British ex-pats in France and Spain.

The series has also been adapted internationally and become a huge hit across Europe, and in Canada and the US where it is known as Four Houses.

The series producers have been Stuart Ramsay, Julie Bradshaw, Alex Evans, Alan Boyle and Ruth Gray.

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