Piers Morgan’s Life Stories


Piers Morgan’s Life Stories has put the lives of more than 50 famous guests under the spotlight and has become one of the cornerstones of the current ITV schedule.

In this compelling series, Piers has reinvented the chat show, celebrating the great moments and achievements of his guests’ lives, but also expertly peeling back the layers on the downturns and disasters.

PM Gordon Brown spoke for the first time about the death of his baby daughter. Elton John revealed the shocking extent of his past drug and alcohol addictions and, in an episode watched by eight million viewers, Cheryl Cole opened up about her split with Ashley. But there have been many lighter moments too, with other guests ranging from Ronnie Corbett and Bruce Forsyth to Russell Brand.

The series recently won an award from the charity MIND, following Piers’ sensitive handling of guests who had experienced mental health issues, such as Frank Bruno, Paul Gascoigne and Peter Andre.

Key ingredients in the show are the VTs, featuring exclusive archive, as well as friends, families and pundits who comment revealingly on aspects of the guests’ lives and set up topics for the studio.

The show has now been running for five years and is filmed in front of an audience. The current Series Producer is Yvonne Alexander and Executive Producer is Jeremy Phillips.

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