Stars in Their Cars

Join Paddy McGuinness on a road trip with a difference.

Ten of Britain’s best-known celebrities are reunited with the cars they’ve owned throughout their lives. From the old bangers they passed their test in, to the dream motors they drove at the height of their fame, Paddy surprises the stars with the cars that defined their lives and takes them on a drive to the places that made them who they are today. There is humor and banter aplenty and a host of emotional reunions with the cars that set the stars on the road of life.

Episode 1 Neil Morrissey
Episode 2 Patsy Kensit
Episode 3 Vic Reeves
Episode 4 Shaun Ryder
Episode 5 Phil Tufnell
Episode 6 Alexei Sayle
Episode 7 John Prescott
Episode 8 Goldie
Episode 9 Ross Noble
Episode 10 Jodie Kidd

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