The Grave Trade


Grave Trade is the highest rated UK commission for History, following the staff of family-run funeral directing business, T. Cribb and Sons, and a handful of archaeologists as they go about their daily business: the dead and buried.

We follow 4th generation Cribb John, his brother Graham, and daughter Sarah, as they lead a team of 60 staff across ten sites.

We meet the funeral conductors, pall bearers, drivers, mortuary technicians and other members of the team and watch them work as stories of every kind of funeral unfold.

We meet the families who want to give their loved ones the very best send-off possible, from a £20,000 gold-plated coffin, to a funeral for a woman without means or family.

Alongside the everyday business of a modern funeral director, we follow the extraordinary work of archaeologists as they examine burial practices from Neolithic times, to Anglo Saxons, right through to the Victorian era.

From the people responsible for putting us into the ground, to those who dig us back up again, we lift the lid on the dead.

The series producer is Jamie Batten, with the series executive produced by Ollie Tait for Shiver.

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