Tulisa: The Price of Fame

Updated documentary which follows Tulisa Contostavlos’s life and the eventual fall from grace of her accuser Mahzer Mahmood, the self-styled Fake Sheikh.

Combining self-shot diary footage with actuality, the programme shows what it is really like to be on the receiving end of a tabloid sting and its long-term consequences. The film, shot over 3 years charts Tulisa’s highs and her lows, her arrest, her charge, state of mind and suicide attempt and her treatment at the hands of the tabloid press as she travels to the brink of disaster before her case collapses and she finally regains her life and her reputation. Hard-hitting and harrowing, the film tells us about the nature of celebrity culture, how it feels to be a major celebrity facing public ruin and asks whether the fall of Mahzer Mahmood signifies the end of this kind of entrapment based undercover journalism.

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