Unbelievable Moments Caught On Camera

This ITV series focuses on eyewitness footage shot by members of the public, often on mobile devices, clips which have grabbed headlines or flown around the world via social media.

Hosted by Alastair Stewart, we hear from the people who were on hand to record something extraordinary happening in front of their eyes – as we take a look at the dramatic footage they shot.


Stories have included footage of Britain’s worst weather of 2014 caught on camera by onlookers as the South West coast was battered by the most intense storms in two decades.


We’ve witnessed encounters with nature including a man who unexpectedly found himself being treated gently by a family of gorillas.


And we’ve told the stories behind footage of dramatic rescues – including a construction worker who was trapped on the balcony of a building which was engulfed by a huge blaze. His rescue was filmed by members of the public from all angles, as they watched events unfold from nearby offices.


Producers to date have been Yvonne Alexander and Patrick Talbot.


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