Grave Trade Resurrection

The Grave Trade is back as Shiver’s intriguing series about death returns, following the work of an East End family funeral directors and also a team of archaeologists as they unearth fascinating historical burial site secrets. And, in series 2, the funeral directing family and staff go global as they get to travel the world to see different traditions surrounding death and burial first hand.

Once again, we follow the staff of family-run funeral directing business, T. Cribb and Sons, and a handful of archaeologists as they go about their daily business: the dead and buried. For History, Shiver follows 4th generation Cribb John, his brother Graham, and daughter Sarah, as they lead a team of 60 staff across ten sites.

In this new series, we meet the funeral conductors, pall bearers, drivers, mortuary technicians and other members of the team and watch them work as stories of every kind of funeral unfold.

The eight part second season follows the Cribbs team as they travel to Ghana to organise a high-profile two-day funeral. The series also reveals archaeological discoveries at two dig sites in Ireland and several around the UK, increasing our understanding of life and death during different periods of history.

Rachel Job, head of Acquisitions & Commissioning for History and H2 at A+E Networks UK, said: “The first series proved that while death is a sensitive subject, it’s a part of life and can teach us about societies past and present. The programme also gives a glimpse of the very likeable, unique and entertaining characters that work in the funeral profession.”

Grave Trade explores how we buried the dead and dealt emotionally with death through our history. From the people responsible for putting us into the ground, to those who dig us back up again, we lift the lid on the dead.  And this time, the series reflects this globally.

Grave Trade airs from Sunday 16th February at 9pm on History and then every following Sunday 9pm for seven consecutive weeks.