Winners at the Broadcasts!

We only won a gong! Couples Come Dine With Me, the refresh of Channel 4’s hit daytime series has not only been a huge hit onscreen but has just won Best Daytime Programme at the coveted Broadcast Awards 2015.

Very much at the top of the industry awards calendar, this award is a real nod from our peers that Couples Come Dine With Me isn’t just a tweak of the classic format but a reinvention that brings a whole host of entertainment and fresh couple dynamics for viewers to feast on. Well done team!

Here’s what Broadcast has to say about Shiver’s winning show at

“Shiver presented itself with a difficult task in creating a spin-off of one of the most successful formats of the 21st century, but triumphed as the first series of Couples Come Dine With Me performed well in Channel 4’s daytime schedule.

Launched in the notoriously difficult summer season, the show regularly entertained audiences of 1 million-plus, peaking at 1.3 million (10.6%) for its very first show in early July.

In a slight tweak to the format of its sister show, which has traditionally featured individual contestants, three sets of couples hosted dinner parties with varying degrees of success in an attempt to win the £1,000 jackpot.

C4 adds twist to Come Dine with Me

Instead of over-complicating the long-running format, the couple element added to the intrigue, bringing an extra layer of chemistry to a show that is essentially about character relationships and clashes.

The tension between the couples as they attempt to create a prize-winning evening piled on top of the established competitive dynamic made the show “totally entertaining, fun and brilliant”, according to one judge.

Another panel member called Couples Come Dine With Me “a compelling and successful extension of the hit brand”, while a third judge argued that “the couples device refreshed an already strong format”.